Thursday, June 24, 2010

Important Announcement Regarding Independence Day

Pigeon Forge is holding it on the THIRD of July.

That's right. Pigeon Forge is effectively jumping the gun a day early and holding the Patiot Park celebrations Saturday, the day before the Fourth of July and it's the full thing. All day Park activities, food tents, hours of music and performances followed by the fabled fireworks shooting overhead and lightning the night sky in super colorful combustion.

If you're making plans to stay in Pigeon Forge for the Independence Day weekend, this is likely a considerable change in your plans and it hasn't been advertised quite as much as it should be, at least not yet.

Luckily, if Alamo Steakhouse was on your dinner plans for Independence Day or the day before (which is now the same day), this could still work in your favor. On a busy day like Independence Day, where traffic in downtown Pigeon Forge multiplies, location is the key to being able to enjoy the day without drowning in circumstance and stress. Alamo Steakhouse is just half a mile from Patriot Park and convenient to most hotels/motels in town. You could conceivably walk from Alamo to Patriot Park or at least to a good spot where you can see the fireworks!

If Alamo Steakhouse was not on your dinner plans, consider making them anyway! Consider bringing your dinner in a take-out box to Patriot Park and make a picnic out of it! Independence Day is without question the most outdoors fun the city of Pigeon Forge puts together and there's no reason you shouldn't enjoy the best food in the city with it too!

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